Best commercials of Super Bowl LI (51)


Super Bowl LI had some pretty memorable performances and commercials. The newest and the most exclusive trailers were shown. In my humble opinion, these were the best this year.

Stranger Things season 2 – Barbara! Girl where you been? Well, we still don’t know from this trailer, but something’s coming and along with it, “11” will return. I hope our girl B blows this season out of the water (get it?). Click below for full on Stranger Things giddiness.

Logan — does it need a description? Let’s go with action packed and going to be indescribably good. There has never been hype about a Hugh Jackman movie that went unfulfilled. He is a powerhouse but his little lady costar may just steal the show on this one.

Honda CR-V 2017 — I don’t need a new car, but this commercial is pretty darn convincing. Epic marketing idea on Honda’s part. Real yearbook photos voiced and moving from top celebs including the king of humor, Steve Carrell; the queen of comedic writing, Tina Fey; the weave-snatching, best-ugly-face-crying, one-and-only vivacious Viola Davis and more.

View it officially on NFL’s site (click here).

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) — The Anthony Hopkins spot and music tricked me, didn’t put two and two together until Optimus popped out. No descrip needed – looks better than any of others to date.

The Handmade’s Tale – Unfortunately, this is a Hulu only show, you’re only seeing this with a subscription. However, it looks mysterious and compelling. If I can’t stream it when it comes, I’ll check out the first seasons DVD. [update: watched all of 1st season; hooked, love it!]

Genius. – Ron Howard has a new series on National Geographic. The clips are non-descript, but it’s totally not needed, it’s Ron Howard with what looks to be Geoffrey Rush leading the cast. It’s going to be interesting.

The Fate of the Furious – Charlize Theron is that you? You need to watch this clip if you haven’t seen it already. The Fast and Furious crew have gone glacial in this…last?…is this the last? movie. Hmm, we will see.

Football is for Family — okay babies dressed up like NFL legends = adorable + hysterical. We’ve all wanted to put a mustache on a baby at some point. Well this commercial just next leveled it – with a baby Marshawn Lynch, Mike Ditka and more.

24 Legacy — The return of 24 is bittersweet. Walking Dead (WD) fans may all be a little sad to see Corey Hawkins as the main character – it must mean he didn’t survive that last horde. I also spotted Doctor K (played by Gerald McRaney) from “This Is us”. After that role, I can’t see him as anyone but the doctor I wish I could have for when my pregnancy time comes.

See all the NFL Super Bowl 51 commercials here.

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