Discovering my Purpose in Korea


I was heading to South Korea to teach English at the age of 29. I had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry, and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, all by the tender age of 27, yet still felt unfulfilled.

During my studies, I was certain that I was where I was supposed to be, and would have a long lasting career in my area of choice. However, every ministry/counseling job I held, didn’t seem right. It was as if I were on a constant journey to find where my purpose was. Thoughts of, “God why did you create me”? often filled my head. I, (as well as many others) were raised to believe that if you just went to college and got a degree, you were basically guaranteed employment until retirement. This proved untrue. The economy went deep south shortly after I finished my undergraduate studies. For a few years, I bounced around trying to find a job that suited me: a substitute teacher, worked in a camp kitchen, and was a camp counselor among other things. I decided to get my Master’s. Surely this would ensure a secure future for me.

(L) Teacher years. (R) KAA Camp worker.

I decided to study Psychology because I liked the subject matter and wanted to help people. However, I realized during my internship and short stints as a therapist thereafter, that I was not cut out for counseling. I did not want to spend the rest of my life dealing with mental health issues. Full disclosure: I really do admire those who work in the mental health field, it’s definitely a career where you feel your purpose must lie, or else you’ll be miserable. My heart to help led me to tutoring at a private school. During this time, the opportunity to go overseas to teach English in South Korea presented itself. Surely this is where my purpose would lie.

As a mixed-race, Miami-raised, Jesus-serving single lady — being a foreigner abroad presented its own set of unique challenges.

Image of Rachelle at the statue of King Sejong
(L) In Seoul, South Korea. (R) Me with the statue of King Sejong; he created the Korean writing system.

Language and cultural barriers, mixed in with difficult co-workers made me realize that this was not where I wanted to be long term. So, after two and a half years, I came back to the States in the Spring of 2017.

Celebrating the last day of winter camp at the all boys school in Korea.

When I returned to the States, I had zero desire to work for anyone. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve been working. Job after job after job and feeling frustrated in every one of them.

I knew that there had to be more out there for me, because I could feel it.

A few months after returning to the States, an opportunity arose for me to work with a life coach to begin building my own brand. Living as a foreigner in South Korea has had a major impact on my life. While I’d done my own research, there were a ton of things I’d wish I would have known beforehand. One day, just like that, it clicked for me. My passion and purpose, is educating foreigners about moving to South Korea. I believe that God has given us the ability to fulfill more than one purpose, but this is the one that I am focusing on for right now.

Every experience, good and bad, has led me to this moment. For those of you who are like I was, constantly searching for something more, my advice to you would be what one of my graduate professors often said, “Trust the process”. The journey is by no means an easy one, I have spent many a night in tears, stressed out, frustrated, scrolling through social media envious of those my age or younger who seemingly had it all.

If you continue to trust in the Lord’s timing, He will make ALL things fall into place at their appointed time.

Some people know from childhood what their calling and purpose is, for some, it takes a little longer like me. Some later in life. There is no time limit!

It may sound cliché, but it is the prevailing truth. Everyone has a different journey into finding their purpose. Mine will look different from yours and vice versa.  Every event in your life will point you towards your purpose.

If I had not worked at a summer camp a decade ago, I would have never met the person who now coaches me into developing my own online brand. My faith is what has kept me on this journey, guided me, and led me to places, people, and experiences I could not have created on my own. Be patient!

Don’t give up on figuring out what your purpose and passion is in life. It will continue to nag at you. You can choose to let it die, or continue on the journey. One verse that has given me hope when I was in despair was Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in His time”. Trust the process.

I had some wild adventures in South Korea. Check them out here on my Youtube channel and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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