Girlfriend’s Guide to Football


With the NFL Superbowl LII upon us, I figured it’s a great time to share a wisdom nugget with my girls. Here is the quintessential  Girlfriend’s Guide to Football.

I realize there are ladies out there who understand the game of football. This is for the ones who do not. Everything comes from the heart, as a lesson learned by yours truly. I once tried to have a “we need to talk” conversation on a commercial break. Believe me, it ended far worse than it would have if my timing had been better.

We’ve all been here before (unless you’re Kate from “This Is Us”) – you’re cuddled up next to your man as he enjoys a football game and you’re overcome with the need to make conversation or get his attention. It happens to the best of us. But stop. Here are the top five guidelines for being the best girlfriend (or fiance/wife) possible when it comes to letting your boo enjoy his ball.

  • Save serious conversations for after the game.

Timing is everything and game day is not the day. Let him savor his game. He’ll be more apt to respond positively if he’s not distracted or irritated.

  • Learn football positions – do not ask him during the game.

We’re all naturally curious. Who is that guy? Why is he running? Was that a good play? Did they score? No, no, no and no. If you want to know, learn the lingo, be pre-informed (find basic guide here). Honestly, he’ll want to explain the plays to you and will share why the play was good, who did what and why on his own.

  • Keep them kisses.

Men are so cute when their concentrating and focused. You may feel the need to kiss, snuggle or initiate some type of affection – not now woman. Simple. Initiate is the operative word, if it’s mutually started then you are in the zone.

  • Food – the way to a man’s heart.

If you really want to excel at being a significant other during football season – hook his favorite food up! Feel free to pre-prep flavorful dips and chips, wings (or veggie-burgers for the vegan lover), some good drinks and you’re good. Let the football fans handle the touchdowns, while you throw down on the game day eats.

  • Phone protocol.

If you’re enjoying the game in the same room – do not entertain phone calls. Step out for incoming conversations.

You’re all set, enjoy the preshow – I mean game! Are you Team Eagle, Team Patriots….or team *NYSNC?

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