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Have you ever been hanging out with someone and they ask, “Where should we go to get food?” Deciding on where to eat can sometimes turn into an hour long ordeal. But the next time someone asks you, you’ll be ready! Here are 5 of my favorite foodie joints to visit on the weekends.

Are you a barbeque fan? Then Tom Jenkins is one of the best rib spots for you. This is not a quick pick-up place, be warned there is generally always a line. However, you’ll find the food to be well worth the wait. Their ribs need no sauce, but sauce is provided on the side. All sides here are recommended, but they have (by far) the best tasting collard greens in So-flo. Jenkins is located in Ft. Lauderdale in a small, humble, cabin-looking building. Enjoy!

Chicagoans, this place will make you feel like you’re back at home. Bo Legs BBQ in Miami Gardens is good, sweet, southern BBQ. They have links, ribs, sausages, sides and the bomb cornbread. I don’t get paid to advertise and the owners will probably never see this post, but I am hard to impress when it comes to barbecue. Yet, this place impressed me not only in food but in hospitality. Bo Legs BBQ is family owned and operated; they run a very well oiled machine. Homemade pies and cakes line the ordering table too – go for the sweet potato pie whenever you see it! Don’t let the red tent and hand-written signs fool you – this BBQ means business.

Breakfast foodies unite! Warning: Healthy options are limited, so this place is best saved for a cheat day. Metro Diner is new in town (Tamarac, FL), but it is the 2nd in the franchise and has been featured on “Divers, Drive-Ins, and Dives”. See them make Yo Halla Stuffed French Toast here. My favorite by far (on a cheat day) has been their Biscuits & gravy. Other specials include Blueberry Cheesecake Stuffed Waffles, signature Fried Chicken & Waffles, Pound Cake French Toast, and more. Great prices in a quaint atmosphere. Try to catch them on a non-busy day, crowded days produce lackluster service here (from my experience).

Even as a late night drop-in, this Thai/sushi food rocks! Siam Square is my favorite spot for Thai tea, sometimes that’s all I get there. I love that they also serve a rice-less salmon tempura roll (pictured below). The Duck Pad Thai (I hear) is amazing, you can see from the pictures below that they take pride in presentation. The flavor matches the detail!

Salmon Tempura Roll (no rice) Photo by: PPitts
Pad Thai w/duck Photo by: PPitts

Vegetarian? I haven’t forgotten you either…hopefully you didn’t quit this post around the 2nd BBQ place. I did a stint in vegetarianism for about 6 months – and 30 lbs. gained later – decided I needed to plan better before trying it again. During those months, Coconutz Cafe was one of my favorite spots. They have a ton of tofu and veggie options simmered in Jamaican spices. Favorites include: Boca burger (big serving, sliced and stewed, not an actual patty), Chick Peas and Butter Beans and their sweet potato cake. All of the entrees include sauce options like brown stew, curry, and others. Check them out!

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