Living a Low-Carb Lifestyle


I realize “low-carb” living sounds like depression to some people. It’s like, “You don’t eat bread?” “Why?” “What do you eat?” “Is that even healthy?” “That cannot be healthy.”

But it is and it’s great! It is a brilliant solution for people trying to lose weight. My grandparents never ate as much fried food, breads, pastas and high-calorie side items that are offered on today’s menus. They were slim and healthy without gym-time and high-intensity workouts. Just regular working folks from Austell, GA. I have those same genes….somewhere deep down under this chub…and I’m slowly getting there with low-carb living.

“Living” is a great word – because the food is great! The idea of “restriction” has such a negative connotation. Call them “limitations” (if they must be named). However, limits are good to have – shout out to speed limits and self-control in daily indulgences. I still eat cheesecake, burgers, “fries”, pasta-inspired dishes and the best dern pizza ever (I’m from Chicago, so I know pizza).

I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own – at 74 pounds lighter – I dedicate my weight loss to all the wonderful resources offered online and social media. I deeply value these writers, bloggers, vloggers, stay at home moms, vegans and healthy living websites for saving my little passionate life. Here are just a few of my low-carb, go-to websites:

  1. Two Peas and Their Pod – simple, flavorful, and family friendly recipes (shout out to Maria for baking the most creative cookie recipes ever!).
  2. Low Carb Dieting – Nicole’s meal plans are the best (from start to finish), great tips and health articles (she’s in the medical field yall!).
  3. MyfitnessPal Recipes – originally found this just tracking my calories. There are guest posts and they post new dishes daily. All around great app!
  4. Oh My Veggies – I was vegetarian for about 6 months (fun story coming soon). The entire 6 months, this site was my life. Great meatless recipes, most of which, I still use today sans vegetarianism.
  5. Nashua Nutrition – Godsend. They are my go-to because they get all the new stuff FIRST. Protein cookies, chocolate dream bars (thee best!), brownies, bars, shakes, breakfast, you name it. NN has a ton of great replacements with 1/2 the calories of leading treats. Plus, they carry Quest, OhYeah! and other leading protein brands (for sometimes half the price of retailers).
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