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Let’s chat about social media…shall we?

For some people, social media lets you “BE” someone that you’re NOT able to “BE” everyday in person. For others, its to simply show people that you ARE somebody. People appear more beautiful online, their lives seem busier and they are living their best life. Right. The internet really sells us on this dream of being who we want to be, but at the end of the day, who are we really? You may love your selfie, but do you love your self?

Ladies, we are especially guilty of embellishing ourselves – filters have created more relationships than e-harmony. Guilty as charged. I’ve posed myself into a whole new person in selfies…until somebody tags me off-guard…and I look…crazy.

Love your selfie - selfie vs. tagged photo
Selfie vs. Tagged photo

Technology is great! Don’t get me wrong. The bottom line is we want to feel connected, loved and appreciated. Just look at the way Facebook is setup, the “language” of the interactions. “Love”, “like”, “sad”, “haha” — do you remember when Facebook was just “pokes” and comments? You could post that your grandma got hit by a runaway train and the most your friends could do was like it or poke you.

Websites and App execs realized people are looking for love, encouragement, approval, attention and recognition. And like you, sometimes I just want people to know I’m “aight”. The people that thought you couldn’t make it without them – some  posts are for them – I feel you (they need to know you good ESPECIALLY without them lol). However, we can’t find our self-worth based on the reaction of other people to us. We can’t base our self-worth on what people think of us (that includes getting a 1000 likes vs. 4 likes). Our self-worth is based on Christ and our relationship with him.


Make as much time for God as you make for other things. Listen, he is the most honest, most loving, most sincere thing in your life – why not pour your time into the person who has a plan for you? Read your bible, look up scriptures (know it for yourself), listen to teachings (faith comes by hearing). Trust your dopeness! God made only one you, don’t conform and try to be like anyone else. T.D. Jakes once said, “Sow your seed beyond your garden” – meaning you are going to be more than what you are now with the Lord on your side.

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. All this social media can be a distraction from other, far MORE important things. Like how I never have time to work out; but I can surf Instagram for 2 hours…funny how that works…

Moral of the “Love your selfie” chat is:

Love your selfie - 5 things to remember
Love your selfie – 5 things to remember
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