Podcasts: Stop wishing and start listening


I love watching Bill Burr comedy specials; his ramblings are poignant and hysterical. His perspective is so good that it just makes  sense to have a podcast. I’ve seen headlines and wished I could hear Bill Burr’s opinionated rant – and now I can stop wishing and start listening. Bill Burr has a twice weekly podcast on Monday and Thursday called the “Monday Morning Podcast”.

It’s a show about everything and nothing at the same time. Check out these recent Burr quotes from MMPC 2-20-17: “The great thing about drinking wine is you don’t feel like a drunk, ya know you actually feel like you read a book or something.” And on Beyonce’s Grammy award performance, “Why does she get like a 4-hour performance and everybody else only f* gets like 6 seconds. Bruno Mars is running around doing a bunch of costume changes, ya know and she comes out dressed like a Batman villain and f* does like a 45 minute set.”

Bill-Burr-monday-morning-podcastIt is a testosterone-laden, insightful, informational, political, and sport filled podcast. But at the same time a woman wrote in explaining how an ex showed up with another woman to rub it in her face – and it’s like Bill Burr turned into an older, overprotective big brother. He labeled it petty, gave her great advice in a blunt manly way and told her to move on. But in Burr fashion, added that, “…Their two f*%king psychos that deserve each other that should both be sterilized because their gonna make an evil baby. There you go. That’s what you walked away from.” That’s a Brother Burr quote if I’ve ever heard one. He’s that crazy guy in your corner you never knew you needed.

It’s littered with curse words but not obnoxious – BB knows his stuff. Sports, politics, culture, music, babies/parenthood (fatherhood has added a new edge) and of course the best all around comedy. Again, they have titles but it is a general summation in a podcast that WILL have 15-20 topics. He ends with “Go F*&k yourselves” and even though I won’t, I appreciate him saying so.

Check out the Monday Morning Podcast by Bill Burr here (which is not just Mondays, but Thursdays too). And if you want to catch him LIVE, he’ll be here December 14th at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL. Get tickets now!

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