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Buying protein in-store or from standalone weight loss centers is a bad idea. I’ll tell you why – because you’re paying almost double the amount of the actual cost. For a fact, Ideal Protein (IP) and Quick Weight Loss centers (QWLC) offer a lot of the SAME products. Except IP will run you $80+for a week of food and QWLC almost $300 for setup and continual purchase thereafter.

I wish I’d discovered online protein sooner. That’s why I want to share it with you. There are two top sites I use for protein hauls and they offer discounts, deals and new products throughout the month. Nashua Nutrition and ProteinWise – I recommend both for different reasons. Plus, they offer most of the exact same products as IP and QWLC – for half the price.

Image of IP protein wafers ($32/box5) vs. ProteinWise protein wafers ($14.95/box5); IP choc. soy puffs ($32/box7) vs. ProteinWise choc. soy puffs ($13.95/box7)
IP protein wafers ($32/box5) vs. ProteinWise protein wafers ($14.95/box5); IP choc. soy puffs ($32/box7) vs. ProteinWise choc. soy puffs ($13.95/box7)

Nashua Nutrition posts new items first (so far), so they are the ones to watch for “new”. They also have a nifty IPA Protocol Calculator (Restricted/Un-restricted items calculator). IP-ers will understand that – but for others – it is a good tool to measure whether or not a product should be eaten as a restricted (1x a day) or unrestricted (2x a day).

ProteinWise has been my other God-send – the price is always right! If NN has it for 12.95, PW may have it for 11.95 (in some cases 8.95). Depends on what you’re looking for. On my first order, they sent coupons toward my next order, I earned order rewards and a personalized signed card thanking me for my purchase. I was completely sold by the time I ordered on a Friday and it delivered on Monday. Shipping is great!!! Order rewards can be used towards future orders. The rewards are meaningful too – $25 off entire orders and more, you can’t beat that!

Both sites feature weekly sales and new products every few days too. There is a method to placing orders and I follow IP protocol using alternatives. I try to balance “Restricted” items (higher than 9g carbs) ¬†with “Unrestricted” items (8g or below carbs). I’ll write a future post about why this is so important. The star of this order were the Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Low Carb Protein bars. These bars taste exactly like rice crispy treats!

*Editors note: The Fluffy Vanilla LC bars are not IP protocol friendly (fat is too high).*

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